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Blood Sugar
Healthy Glucose Metabolism
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Scientifically Proven. Clinically Tested on Humans.
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By CCRAS (Central Council for research in Ayurvedic science)

Regulate your sugar

Ayush82 Aadved, a unique formulation that controls and regulates blood sugar levels by vitalizing the pancreas for normal glucose metabolism. It manages & normalizes diabetes in both diabetic & pre-diabetic patients efficiently.

Ayush82 Aadved is a 100% Natural Product which can be taken without any prescription as it has ZERO SIDE EFFECTS

Ayush82 Aadved

Pack of 3 Bottles

Retail: ₹3000.00
Offer: ₹2700.00

Why choose us

Why should you choose Ayush82 Aadved over others?

Works on Root Causes:
It works on the root causes and not only on the symptoms to give the best results in the long run
No Side Effects:
It doesn’t have any side and after effects as it doesn’t have any added preservatives
Rich Nutrients:
The rich nutrients of its herbal ingredients help to stimulate the pancreatic B cells
Reverse effect on Other Organs:
It helps to reverse the bad effects of the increased sugar levels on other organs of the body
Increased Sugar Utilization:
It increases sugar utilization at tissue level naturally to control the blood sugar levels
A Treatment for Everyone:
It can be taken by anyone as it’s an ayurvedic product which makes it safe to use for everyone


Herbs which make Ayush 82 a Potent Mixture

  • Amra Beeja

    (Mangifera Indica)

    Alters intestinal & liver enzymes to reduce glucose absorption.

  • Karvella Beeja

    (Mordica Charantia)

    Prevents rising blood sugar & restores insulin.

  • Gudmara Patra

    (Gymnema Sylvestre)

    Gymnemic acid neutralises excess sugar in the body.

  • Jambu Seeds

    (Syzgium Cumini)

    Hypoglycemic effects control coversion of starch into sugar.

1 Lakh + Happy Customers

Ayush82 changed & filled many lives with Happiness


“Making me full of life: Being able to enjoy life was difficult but not anymore. Ayush82 changed my way of living by controlling my blood sugar level and made me so happy about it”

Rinku Khari.
New Delhi

“Controlled Diabetes Controlled Problems: Medicines, Weakness, uneasiness, weight and what not. These things were only adding to my problems which even made me grumpy. But Ayush82 manages my diabetes effectively, which leaves all these problems at bay.”

Sonia Khera.

“Recommended by many: Being Diabetic for many years, I have tried many products, but Ayush82 is one product which was recommended to me by many people and after trying it and seeing the good results, I must say, I am going to recommend this product to others too.”

Sanjay Mishra.

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